SELEKT is the market-leading brand of pump-drencher and clinical-nutrition formulae for ruminants.

Rehydration Saves Lives – Delivering fluids directly to the rumen of cows, sheep and goats can be a life-saver. The SELEKT System enables one person unaided to deliver 20 litres of fluid into the rumen of an adult cow in less than two minutes.


  • SELEKT Equipment

    SELEKT Equipment is the best of its kind in the world. The SELEKT Pump-Drencher design incorporates a unique set of features for the safety and comfort of the cow, sheep or goat. The equipment is light, robust and easy to use. Repairs and servicing are simple, and all parts can be replaced.

  • SELEKT Formulae

    SELEKT Formulae are for rehydration and clinical nutrition of cows and other adult ruminants. They are designed for a range of conditions in which cows, sheep and goats benefit from oral fluids and electrolytes, and from clinical nutrition. Use them as soon as you see that the animal needs them. The sooner they are used, the better the results.

  • SELEKT On-farm Demo

    SELEKT Pump-Drencher Demo on the Farm

    The SELEKT Pump-Drencher is easy to use and highly effective. Watch our on-farm demo video with farmer Tom Pemberton and vet Suzie Bailey showing you how to pump-drench a cow safely. Rehydration saves lives.